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Silver Bullion Rates

Silver Bullion Rates


Like gold silver is one of the most sought after precious metal investments. Silver bullion ventures are one of the uptrend of investors nowadays and because of this, silver bullion rates vary from time to time. Today silver is commonly used for industrial purposes, in 2009 alone 40% of silver demand in the market was used for jewelry, coin bullion and exchange trade products. One of the oldest ways in investing in silver is buying an actual silver bullion bar. Silver bullion bars can be bought over the counter at major bank locations.

This silver bars are available in different sizes such as 1000oz troy bars which has a weight of 68 pounds avoirdupois (31 kg), 100oz troy bars that weighs 6.8 pounds or 3.11 kg, 1 kilogram bars or 32.15oz troy, 10oz troy silver bars which weighs 311g, 1oz troy bars which has a mass of 31.1g, and odd weight retail bars which comes in different weight and is difficult to calculate and has a lower market value. Among the most popular brands for silver bullion bars are COMEX, LBMA, Engelhard, and Johnson Matthey.

When investing in silver bullion bars it is very important to be always updated with its circulating price rate in the market, this will enable you to know and make sure that dealers are not overpricing on their trade. One of the best places to check out silver bullion rates is through the internet. The best most comprenhensice live silver chart that exists is over at Bullionvault. you can monitor the silver bullion rates over the last 6 months to 6 days, and even down to the last 6 minutes, go check it out under charts and then just change the settings to silver bullion.

Now if ever you want to buy silver bullion through the internet make sure that you make deals only with reputable dealers online like Bullionvault who are the UK no one dealer, also there offshore vaults are the safest especially for US citizens, they have vaults in the UK, HongKong, and Switzerland You can check reviews and customer feedbacks about their performance and reliability. Or you can ask for second opinion about your dealer choice.

Another source of silver bullion rates information is the TV news and Newspapers. They usually feature the current gold and silver rates in the market. Usually silver bullions vary in prices, but when we say silver bullion it usually contains 99.9% silver. Good quality and reliable silver bullion bars has a marking of its manufacturer and purity rate marked on it. So when making silver bullion deals online make sure that you have the latest silver bullion rates information so you can check the reliability of the dealer you are dealing with as based from his silver product rates.

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